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The African-Americans, who served during the American Civil War from Alabama, served as drummers, musicians, laborers, carpenters and teamsters to name a few.  Alabama Department of Archives & History provides an Online Index with links to original pension applications.  Please note that the Alabama Department of Archives & History does not document if these African-Americans fought for the Union or the Confederate States Army. Some southerners who served in the United States Army continued to fight for the Union. Which begs the question, did some slaves go to war with their southern masters to fight for the Union?

As not to count a person twice, the researcher of this website removed any duplicate names from the list below. For official listing and information, visit the Alabama Civil War Service Database and use the following search term:

Last Name: Slave

Posted as of September 2010
#Slaveholder Name, Slave Name Branch 
1Slave Of Charles Bingham, AlfredArmy Of Alabama  
2Slave Of Charles Bingham, JoeArmy Of Alabama  
3Slave Of Charles Bingham, StephenArmy Of Alabama  
4Slave Of Harrington, TomArmy Of Alabama  
5Slave Of J. Badgetts, ClaiborneArmy Of Alabama  
6Slave Of J. Badgetts, JeffArmy Of Alabama  
7Slave Of J. Badgetts, JoeArmy Of Alabama  
8Slave Of J. H. Ginderat, ArthurArmy Of Alabama  
9Slave Of J. H. Ginderat, DickArmy Of Alabama  
10Slave Of J. H. Ginderat, EliArmy Of Alabama  
11Slave Of J. H. Ginderat, ElishaArmy Of Alabama  
12Slave Of J. H. Ginderat, FreemanArmy Of Alabama  
13Slave Of J. H. Ginderat, GeorgeArmy Of Alabama  
14Slave Of J. H. Ginderat, JohnArmy Of Alabama  
15Slave Of J. H. Ginderat, TomArmy Of Alabama  
16Slave Of John Fowler, TomArmy Of Alabama  
17Slave Of Paul Ravisies, AlfredArmy Of Alabama  
18Slave Of Paul Ravisies, Boyken (Boykin)Army Of Alabama  
19Slave Of Paul Ravisies, BryantArmy Of Alabama  
20Slave Of Paul Ravisies, HarryArmy Of Alabama  
21Slave Of Paul Ravisies, JoeArmy Of Alabama  
22Slave Of Paul Ravisies, JulyArmy Of Alabama  
23Slave Of Paul Ravisies, MayArmy Of Alabama  
24Slave Of Paul Ravisies, ZackArmy Of Alabama  
25Slave, Edmond33rd Alabama, Company C  
26Slave, Henry33rd Alabama, Company C  
27Slave, Nat33rd Alabama, Company C  
28Slave Of Alpheus Baker, Paris54th Alabama Regiment  
29Slave, Captain Bryant2nd Alabama Regiment, Company A 
30Slave - Portis (colored), Joe
31Slave Of A. P. Warner, Cuff(Duff)
32Slave Of C. Bingham, Elbert
33Slave Of Chas. P. Ball, Cornelius
34Slave Of D. C. Davis, Harry
35Slave Of David W. Ramsey, Lee
36Slave Of Dr. J. T. Reese, Charles
37Slave Of Duff C. Green, Leman
38Slave Of Duff C. Green, Trisan
39Slave Of Duff C. Green, William
40Slave Of E.T. Arrington, Tom
41Slave Of Ed. Wallace, Charles
42Slave Of F.J. Bainard, President
43Slave Of F.W. Volking, Sam
44Slave Of G.A. Jennison, Anderson
45Slave Of George M. Bonner, Ben
46Slave Of Harrington, Tom
47Slave Of Henry Maury, Tom
48Slave Of J. A. Pickens, George
49Slave Of J. P. Fowler, Tom
50Slave Of J. T. D. Bryson, Richard
51Slave Of J. W. Bass, James Russell
52Slave Of James T. Reese, Elick(Elrck)
53Slave Of Jas. A. Hooper, Dave
54Slave Of Jere Clemens, Aleck
55Slave Of Jere Clemens, Bannister
56Slave Of Jere Clemens, Charles
57Slave Of Jere Clemens, Louis
58Slave of John Comer, Burrell
59Slave Of John Fowler, Tom
60Slave Of Joshua Hawthorn, Tom
61Slave Of L. D. Krebs, Jasper
62Slave Of L. H. Scruggs, Jim
63Slave Of L. S. Lude, Alfred
64Slave Of Lieut. A. Nelson, William
65Slave Of Melanothon Smith, Adam
66Slave Of Melanothon Smith, Sam
67Slave Of Monroe Warren, John
68Slave Of Oct. Gueringer,
69Slave Of P. Hueston, Martin
70Slave Of Percy Walker, Cynthia
71Slave Of Percy Walker, Jack
72Slave Of Peter Dietrich, Edward
73Slave Of R.G. Chamberlain, Aleck
74Slave Of Robert Towns, Wiley
75Slave Of S. J. Shanklin, Harry
76Slave Of S. J. Shanklin, Tom
77Slave Of S. Kirk Reynolds, Reuben
78Slave Of Saml. B. Howe, Billy
79Slave Of T. K. Irvin, Hawkins
80Slave Of Thomas L. King, Hampton
81Slave Of W. D. McNeill, John
82Slave Of W. H. Higley, Carroll Wallis
83Slave Of Walter Jones, Wilson
84Slave Of Walter Smith, Henry
85Slave Of Walter Smith, Sam
86Slave Of William A. Buck, Amos
87Slave Of William LeBaron, William
88Slave Of Wm. B. Dennett, Aleck


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