Confederate States Army


Official Confederate Soldier Records by CSA Unit

NARA = National Archives and Records Administration

Records available online at

 Name  Listed As / Military Duty  CSA Unit NARA Catalog ID  NARA Microfilm #  # of Pages
S. Ambler Not Stated Colored Engineering Corps (April, 1865) 2133276 M347 1
Elbert Allison Free Colored / Laborer Engineers, CSA 2133276 M347 2
Isaac Allison Free Colored / Laborer Engineers, CSA 2133276 M347 5
Jerry Bach Slave / Laborer Engineers, CSA 2133276 M347 1
Madison Boyd Slave / Laborer Engineers, CSA 2133276 M347 1
Ben Davis Slave / Helper, Laborer, Teamster Engineers, CSA 2133276 M347 7
Baas Freeman Slave / Laborer Engineers, CSA 2133276 M347 1
Sam Griffin Slave / Laborer Engineers, CSA (NC) 2133276 M347 1
Frank Johnson Slave / Laborer & Free Negro Conscript Engineers, CSA 2133276 M347 16
Jim Jones Slave / Laborer & Blacksmith Engineers, CSA 2133276 M347 5
Dudley Scott Slave / Laborer Engineers, CSA 2133276 M347 7
J.J. Slave / Military Duty Unknown Quartermaster's Department, CSA 2133276 M347 1
Slaves Number of Men 52 Engineers, CSA  / Augustus Forsberg 586957 M258 210
Slaves Number of Men 277 Engineers, CSA / J. J. Gillespie 586957 M258 8
Saml. Ashton Colored Citizen / Blockade Runner (POW Point Lookout) Unknown 2133276 M347 1
Appomattox Parole Passes
James Barabsha Guard Quartermasters / Gary's Cavalry Brigade
Thomas Bowen Teamster Quartermasters / Gary's Cavalry Brigade
Burress Bowen Teamster Quartermasters / Gary's Cavalry Brigade
John Bowen Teamster Quartermasters / Gary's Cavalry Brigade
Jack Caldwell Teamster Quartermasters / Gary's Cavalry Brigade

Reading List by Author

Title: Black Confederates
Authors: Charles Kelly Barrow, R. B. Rosenburg (Editor), J. H. Segars (Editor)
Genre: Nonfiction
Publication Date: 2001
Media: Paperback
Book Description: Contains correspondence, military records, and reminiscences from African American men who served with the Confederates States Army (Black Confederates)

Title: Black Southerners in Confederate Armies
Authors: J.H. Segars and Charles Barrow (Compiler)
Genre: Nonfiction
Publication Date: 2007
Media: Paperback
Book Description:  Official records, newspaper articles, veterans' accounts, and other surviving documents suggest that large numbers of slaves and freedmen served as southern allies-and, in some instances, as soldiers and sailors for the Confederacy.

Title: Black Defenders of America, 1775-1973
Authors: Robert Ewell Greene
Genre: Nonfiction
Publication Date: 1974
Media: Hardback
Book Description: This book is intended to present the history of the African-American journey towards recognition and equality, to detail facts both glorious and inglorious that prove and illustrate the presence of black soldiers from the days of the earliest settlers in the United States of America.  Chapter 4 in its entirety is on The Civil War (1861-1865) and highlights by name African-Americans who served with the Confederate States Army.

Title: Cleburne
Author: Justin Murphy
Genre: Graphic Novel
Publication Date: 2008
Media: Paperback
Description:  Some stories have yet to be told. CLEBURNE is the true story of Irish immigrant and Confederate General Patrick Cleburne and his plan to enlist slaves to fight for the South during the American Civil War.
Black Confederate Context:  General Patrick Cleburne was the first Confederate General to advocate the use of African-Americans in the Confederate States Army.  His plan was documented in literature titled Negroes In our Army.
Awards/Recognition:  2009 ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year

Title: Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong
Author: Lochlainn Seabrook
Genre: Nonfiction
Publication Date: 2010
Media: Paperback
Book Description: Read the sensational racially-inclusive book that everyone's talking about. Several chapters address the issue of slavery; and Chapter 14 is dedicated to the topic of The Confederacy and Blacks.

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