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Entangled in Freedom by Ann DeWitt and Kevin M

Entangled in Freedom

Author: Ann DeWitt and Kevin M. Weeks
Genre: Historical Young Adult Fiction
Narative: First Person  (Isaac)
Book Description:
Travel with 22 year old Isaac through the dirt streets of Oxford (Georgia), Big Shanty (Georgia) and on over to Cumberland Gap (Tennessee) as he serves with the 42nd Regiment Georgia Volunteers.  Decades after Daniel Boone blazed the Wilderness Trail, witness how Isaac is front and center as the Confederate and Union armies skirmish for strategic supply lines required for outlying Civil War battle campaigns.  Also, decipher the mitigating factors contributing to Isaac going to war with Abraham Green, a yeoman farmer and slaveholder of Isaac.


Cleburne by Justin Murphy

2009 ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year

Author: Justin Murphy

Genre: Graphic Novel
Publication Date: 2008
Book Description: Some stories have yet to be told. CLEBURNE is the true story of Irish immigrant and Confederate General Patrick Cleburne and his plan to enlist slaves to fight for the South during the American Civil War.

Book Trailer for Cleburne by Justin Murphy


Stonewall Jackson by Richard Williams

Author: Richard G. Williams, Jr.
Genre: Nonfiction
Publication Date: 2006
Book Description: Exploring in depth Confederate General "Stonewall"Jackson's now famous "Colored Sabbath School," Richard Williams reveals—for the first time—the influence his efforts had on subsequent generations of African Americans.


Hell%27s Broke Loose in Georgy by Scott Walker

Author: Scott Walker
Genre: Nonfiction
Publication Date: 2005
Book Description: Relatives and neighbors served and died side by side in the Fifty-seventh [Georgia Regiment CSA], and Walker excels at showing how family ties, friendships, and other intimate dynamics played out in wartime settings. Humane but not sentimental, the history abounds in episodes of real feeling: a starving soldier’s theft of a pie; another’s open confession, in a letter to his wife, that he may desert; a slave’s travails as a orderly.


Let us not disregard the heritage of any African-American freedman or slave who ultimately made tough life or death choices on the freedom road in which he or she labored in paving for many generations to travel on this day."
~Ann DeWitt


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