Official Confederate Soldier Records by CSA Unit

NARA = National Archives and Records Administration

Records available online at fold3.com


 Name  Listed As /  Military Duty  CSA Unit NARA Catalog ID  NARA Microfilm #  # of Pages
Levin Graham Colored / Musician Tennessee 2nd Infantry 586957 M268 2
G. (George) Blackwood Colored / Private (POW Camp Douglas) Tennessee 3rd Infantry 586957 M268 3
Wiley Stewart Person of Color / Private Tennessee 4th (Murrays's) Cavalry 586957 M268 2
J.M. Corbitt Slave / Private Tennessee 11th Infantry 586957 M268 20
Berry Black Negro / Private (POW Camp Douglas) Tennessee 15th Cavalry 586957 M268 4

Confederate Pension Records


Beginning in 1891 the Tennessee Board of Pension Examiners determined eligibility by each soldier's (1) inability to support oneself, (2) honorable separation from the service, and (3) residence in the state for one year prior to application.  Applications without a unit denotes that an applicant was not in a field unit but was assigned a job necessary to the war effort.

To request a certified copy of the pension application for the following Black Confederate Soldiers, complete the Tennessee State Library and Archives Military Records Search Request Form under the Civil War category.  Note the soldier's name and the Pension # (CXXX) on the form.  Fees apply.

Names listed below are sorted by unit for your convenience. For official listings and information, visit the Tennessee State Library Archives.

C in the Pension # means Colored Pension
Colored = Black = African-American

 # Soldier Name County  Pension #  Unit or Widow
1 Beaumont, Ben Stewart C109 10th Cav.
2 Easley, Edom Hickman C237 10th Cav.
3 Minor, Ned Stewart C110 10th Cav.
4 Moore, John Hickman C263 10th Cav.
5 Shad, Steven (Stephen) Gibson C82 10th Cav.
6 Shackelford, Elijah Maury C55 10th Ga. Inf.
7 Coleman, Jacob Giles C2 11th Ala. Inf.
8 Gordon, Nathan Maury C53 11th Cav.
9 Miller, William Rutherford C162 11th Cav.
10 Rivers, Matt Giles C153 11th Cav.
11 Grimes, Daniel W. Robertson C228 11th Inf.
12 Harris, Charles] Dickson C68 11th Inf.
13 Bibb, William Rutherford C136 12th Ala. Inf.
14 Jennings, Joseph Hamblen C116 12th Cav.
15 Barksdale, Henderson Gibson C102 12th Inf.
16 Buchanan, Henry Rutherford C114 12th Inf.
17 Swift, Aaron Crockett C57 12th Inf.
18 Tyson, Alfred Madison C119 12th Ky. Cav.
19 O'Neal, William Madison C157 12th Miss. Cav.
20 McClaran, Bob Shelby C180 13th Cav.
21 Walker, Bailey Dyer C118 13th Inf.
22 Bobbitt, Carter Madison C148 14th Cav.
23 Littrell, Charley Hardeman C168 14th Cav.
24 McNeel] Shelby C21 14th Cav.
25 Wharton, Frank Haywood C167 14th Cav.
26 Ligon, Henry Obion C179 14th Inf.
27 Nolen, Alex Montgomery C66 14th Inf.
28 Johnson, Richard Shelby C40 14th Miss. Inf.
29 Sweeney, George W. Hamilton C129 14th Miss. Inf.
30 Cannon, Charles Shelby C217 154th Sr. Regt. Inf.
31 DeGraffenreid, Nathan Fayette C16 154th Sr. Regt. Inf.
32 Hayes, Caesar Shelby C34 154th Sr. Regt. Inf.
33 Wharton, Alex ("Big Alex") Madison C71 154th Sr. Regt. Inf.
34 Kennedy, Manuel Shelby C161 15th Miss. Cav.
35 Grigsby, Thomas R. Shelby C30 16th Cav.
36 Jarnigan, David Knox C31 16th Cav.
37 Smith, Lewis Davidson C108 16th Cav.
38 Drake, G. W. Davidson C93 16th Inf.
39 Ware, Charles Warren C205 16th Inf.
40 Gentry, James Marshall C154 17th Inf.
41 Hastings, Alex Bedford C141 17th Inf.
42 Knight, Lewis (Louis) Franklin C124 17th Inf.
43 McCullough, Ned Rutherford C137 17th Inf.
44 Smith, J. Wess Moore C47 17th Inf.
45 Murray, Branch Fayette C128 17th Miss. Inf.
46 Averitt, Albert Rutherford C45 18th Inf.
47 Tuggle, Richard Shelby C176 18th Inf.
48 Webb, Charlie Fayette C178 18th Inf.
49 Williams, G. H. Rutherford C98 & C225 18th Inf.
50 Nelson, Henry Gibson C23 19th & 20th Cav.
51 Maney, James Rutherford C164 1st (Field's) Inf.
52 Gregory, Ned Franklin C3 1st (Turney's) Inf.
53 Caldwell, John Davidson C83 1st Cav.
54 Cunningham, Osborne Williamson C87 1st Cav.
55 Locke, Alfred Rhea C147 1st Cav.
56 Mayes, Harrison Maury C44 1st Cav.
57 Wilkerson, Charles Haywood C59 1st Cav.
58 Duncan, James Hardin C271 1st Inf.
59 Garner, George Franklin C29 1st Inf.
60 Ledbetter, Ralph Davidson C54 1st Inf.
61 McEwen, George W. Davidson C95 1st Inf.
62 Phillips, Asa Franklin C220 1st Inf.
63 Anderson, Ike Stewart C96 1st Ky. Cavalry
64 Muzzall, Lewis Henry C65 20th Cav.
65 Porter, Alex Henry C38 20th Cav.
66 Woods, Smith Dyer C77 20th Cav.
67 Word, George Gibson C28 20th Cav.
68 Brown, John L. Hamilton C186 20th Inf.
69 Crutcher, Jack Williamson C26 20th Inf.
70 Newsom, Silas Davidson C80 20th Inf.
71 Wharton, Alex ("Little Alex") Madison C72 21st Cav.
72 Ready, Albert Rutherford C97 23rd Inf.
73 Easley, W. M. Hickman C10 24th Inf.
74 Gray, Albert Hickman C224 24th Inf.
75 Hickerson, Clay Coffee C79 24th Inf.
76 Jones, Zack Hickman C117 24th Inf.
77 Kinnon, Taylor Haywood C203 24th Inf.
78 Mayberry, Jim Hickman C204 24th Inf.
79 Ransom, Alexander Bedford C202 24th Inf.
80 Seay, Frank M. Williamson C145 24th Inf.
81 Tidwell, Marshall Hickman C268 24th Inf.
82 Ward, Mose Hickman C262 24th Inf.
83 Guffin, Butler Shelby C150 26th Ga. Inf.
84 McNeely, Rush Madison C172 27th Inf.
85 Travis, Jack Carroll C42 27th Inf.
86 Rice, Richard Knox C138 29th Inf.
87 Bradley, R. H. Madison C104 29th Miss. Inf.
88 Henry, Wess Trousdale C78 2nd & 21st Cav.
89 Hord, Frederick R. Hawkins C62 2nd Cav.
90 Lankford, Archie Davis Tipton C208 2nd Cav.
91 Liggett, R. M. Roane C160 2nd Cav.
92 Parrish, John Williamson C166 2nd Cav.
93 Youree, Henry Sumner C12 2nd Cav.
94 Banks, Porter Davidson C50 2nd Inf.
95 Rucker, William Rutherford C111 2nd Inf.
96 Dortch, Charles Montgomery C152 2nd Ky. Cav.
97 Rowe, Will Henry C249 2nd Ky. Cav.
98 Webber, Lee Shelby C85 2nd Ky. Cav.
99 Bell, William Carroll Robertson C139 30th Inf.
100 Turner, Peter Robertson C103 30th Inf.
101 Thomas, Ben Montgomery C49 31st Ala. Inf.
102 Cason, Frazier Chester C173 31st Inf.
103 Rodgers, William Lake C175 31st Inf.
104 Tansie, Ed Weakley C7 31st Inf.
105 Duke, Alfred Shelby C190 3rd (Forrest's) Cav.
106 Hanna, George Hickman C252 3rd (Forrest's) Cav.
107 Whitelaw, Wright Haywood C206 & C236 3rd (Forrest's) Cav.
108 Earle, Turner Fayette C73 3rd Cav.
109 Gober, Silas Fayette C140 3rd Cav.
110 Jones, Ben J. Knox C106 3rd Inf.
111 Lester, Richard Giles C4 3rd Inf.
112 Withers, James Shelby C133 3rd Miss. Cav.
113 Wyatt, Billie Lake C165 3rd Mo. Cav.
114 Abernathy, Ruff Giles C14 3rd TN Inf.
115 Dabney, Mack Maury C90 3th [sic] Inf.
116 Hastin, J. G. Monroe C84 42nd Ga. Cav.
117 Cansler, Hugh Lawson Knox C122 43rd Inf.
118 Clayton, Sam Davidson C234 46th Inf.
119 Kindey, James Henry C253 46th Inf.
120 Searcy, Shadrick Hamilton C235 46th Inf.
121 Dillon, Jim Davidson C89 47th Inf.
122 Caruthers, John Wilson C241 48th Inf.
123 Church, Henry Williamson C19 48th Inf.
124 Fitzgerald, John Martin Maury C74 48th Inf.
125 Watkins, Wade Lauderdale C269 48th Inf.
126 Whiteside, Charlie Hickman C113 48th Inf.
127 Gooch, James Davidson C259 & C240 4th (McLemore's) Cav.
128 Murray, Charles Shelby C226 4th (Murray's) Cav.
129 Chapman, Toney Davidson C15 4th Cav.
130 Patton, Robert Bruce Davidson C24 4th Cav.
131 Payne, Tillman Price Trousdale C81 4th Cav.
132 Starnes, Hardin Davidson C238 4th Cav.
133 Thompson, Marshall Davidson C229 4th Cav.
134 Yansey, George W.2 Obion C207 4th Ga.
135 Jones, Leroy Tipton C120 4th Inf.
136 Hale, Reuben Grissim Wilson C6 4th Inf. (Quartermaster Dept.)
137 East, George Washington Davidson C13 4th Tex. Cav.
138 Johnson, Tom Williamson C75 50th Inf.
139 Kennard, Taylor Haywood C227 54th Inf.
140 Fuller, Lee Fayette C86 5th Ala. Cav.
141 Inman, Ezekiel Perry C43 5th Cav.
142 Haynes, Washington Henry C64 5th Inf.
143 Farrington, Joe Lake C9 5th N. C. Cav.
144 McCarter, William Blount C171 62nd Inf.
145 Coleman, David B. Giles C100 6th Ala. Inf.
146 Bledsoe, William Anthony Madison C127 6th Inf.
147 Collier, Sam Madison C211 & C257 6th Inf.
148 Reid, Nathan Obion C94 6th Inf.
149 Smith, Presley (Press) Madison C70 6th Inf.
150 White, Dick Haywood C134 6th Inf.
151 Vertrees, Peter Sumner C36 6th Ky. Cav.
152 Fountain, Willis (Will) Lake C184 6th Miss. Inf.
153 McMillan, William Knox C210 77th Va. Cav.
154 Dunn, James Trousdale C121 7th Cav.
155 Hawthorne, E. D. Lauderdale C105 7th Cav.
156 Maclin, James Lauderdale C192 7th Cav.
157 Moses, John Madison C69 7th Cav.
158 Nelson, Louis Lauderdale C32 7th Cav.
159 Nowell, Smith Lauderdale C156 7th Cav.
160 Pugh, Dawson Haywood C197 7th Cav.
161 Read, Henry Lauderdale C272 7th Cav.
162 Wright, Austin Tipton C280 7th Cav.
163 Allison, Sam Haywood C170 7th Cavalry
164 Cradup, Henry Davis Wilson C8 7th Inf.
165 McNeal, Sam (or Sam Simpson) Shelby C146 7th Inf.
166 Reeves, James Wilson C33 7th Inf.
167 Gatewood, Wesly Shelby C131 7th Miss. Inf.
168 Quarles, Harvey Davidson C214 8th & 28th Inf.
169 Burns, Dave Wayne C123 8th Cav.
170 Gore, Henry Davidson C132 8th Cav.
171 Pearce, George Gibson C135 8th Cav.
172 Cullom, Sam Overton C58 8th Inf.
173 Dance, George Moore C46 8th Inf.
174 Lester, Robert Davidson C126 8th Inf.
175 Musgroves, Billie Webster Shelby C215 8th Miss. Cav.
176 Lipscomb, Thomas Obion C63 9th Bn. Cav.
177 Stephenson, Monroe Maury C11 9th Bn. Cav.
178 Foster, Joe Hickman C277 9th Cav.
179 Harding, James Davidson C25 9th Cav.
180 More, Giles Giles C22 9th Cav.
181 Akins, John Davidson C221 9th Cavalry
182 Anderson, George Hickman C216 9th Cavalry
183 Buford, William Williamson C18 9th Inf.
184 Winston, Maniel Shelby C155 9th Inf.
185 Mickles, Stepney Shelby C174 9th Miss. Inf.
186 Arnold, Polk Bedford C5 Forrest's Escort Cav.
187 Greer, Jones Marshall C61 Forrest's Escort Cav.
188 Russell, Frank Williamson C17 Forrest's Escort Cav.
189 Wilkes, Nim Maury C1 Forrest's Headquarters
190 Matthewson, George Henry C37 Ga. Troops
191 Forrest, Thornton Shelby C48 & C151 General Forrest's
192 Jones, Monroe Shelby C41 Miss. Art.
193 Neal, Henry Madison C130 Miss. Regt.
194 Windrow, Wyatt Rutherford C251 Regiment not give
195 Avant, Alfred Scott Rutherford C275 Regiment not given
196 Bates, Henry Monroe C188 Regiment not given
197 Blackwell, Abe Fayette C187 Regiment not given
198 Boyd, George McMinn C281 Regiment not given
199 Brown, Alfred Bradley C233 Regiment not given
200 Carter, Bob Fayette C101 Regiment not given
201 Catlett, Tom Monroe C189 Regiment not given
202 Douglass, Levi Haywood C99 Regiment not given
203 Eatherly, William Davidson C285 regiment not given
204 Elder, Hal Gibson C273 Regiment not given
205 Garner, George Franklin C246 Regiment not given
206 Garrett, George W. Shelby C244 Regiment not given
207 Gibson, John Hickman C274 Regiment not given
208 Grimes, Dan W. Not given C231 Regiment not given
209 Hairston, John Lincoln C183 Regiment not given
210 Hannah, Perry Maury C254 Regiment not given
211 Hays, Luke Crockett C279 Regiment not given
212 Henderson, Henry White C88 Regiment not given
213 Jones, Willie Crockett C278 Regiment not given
214 Lee, Clark Hamilton C107 Regiment not given
215 Moore, Benjamin Bradley C250 Regiment not given
216 Morris, Paden Haywood C256 Regiment not given
217 Newsom, Sam Davidson C270 Regiment not given
218 Norris, Bill Fayette C276 Regiment not given
219 Payne, Tink Obion C284 Regiment not given
220 Sharpe, Cal Hickman C248 Regiment not given
221 Stover, Robert Carter C91 Regiment not given
222 Walker, Isaac L. Hickman C258 Regiment not given
223 Otey, Ephriam Williamson C20 Unassigned
224 Stegall, Robert Lincoln C76 Unassigned
225 Winfield, Henry Shelby C282 Unassigned (Bodyguard
226 Nicholson, Isaac R. Davidson C60 Unassigned (Comm.
227 Donnell, William M. Bedford C51 Unassigned (Comm. Dept.)
228 Davis, Ben Shelby C39 Unassigned (Forrest's
229 Brown, Anderson Madison C209 Unassigned (Horse Shoer)
230 Francis, Edward Franklin C213 Unassigned (Hospital
231 Kirk, Sam Rutherford C125 Unassigned (Hospital service)
232 Shelby, Wallace Davidson C219 Unassigned (Hospital service)
233 Baker, Jim Fayette C239 Unassigned (Laborer)
234 Ivie, Wiley Sutton Bedford C52 Unassigned (Quartermasters)
235 Bryant, Henry Meigs C169 Unassigned (Recruit Office)
236 spelled Dismukes] Madison C67 Unassigned (Shoeman)
237 Amy, Pete Knox C143 Unassigned (Supply Wagon)
238 McNeil, Ausburn Fayette C115 Unassigned (Teamster)
239 Thornton, Edward Tipton C177 Unassigned (Teamster)
240 Mason, Plunk Hickman C182 Unassigned (Wagon train)
241 Stone, Fee Gibson C158 Unassigned (worked on
242 Cale, Nat Gibson C181 Undetermined
243 Churchill, John Hardeman C212 Undetermined
244 Cleveland, Maurice Adams Giles C200 Undetermined
245 Conn, George Adams Bedford C198 Undetermined
246 Cotton, Alonzo Davidson C283 Undetermined
247 Cullom, Sam W. Robertson C232 Undetermined
248 Gilliam, Robert Shelby C185 Undetermined
249 Gray, Dock Hickman C218 Undetermined
250 Green, John Hamblen C261 Undetermined
251 Harris, Wash Giles C163 Undetermined
252 Hornbeak, Rash Hickman C260 Undetermined
253 Hunter, Booker Williamson C92 Undetermined
254 Jackson, Henry Shelby C149 Undetermined
255 Johnson, George Floyd Knox C201 Undetermined
256 Johnson, Peter Hickman C191 Undetermined
257 Johnson, William Williamson C27 Undetermined
258 Robertson, William Maury C142 Undetermined
259 Robinson, James Davidson C35 Undetermined
260 Robison, John Oscar Carroll C199 Undetermined
261 Russell, Peter Lewis C265 Undetermined
262 Sanford , Peter Tipton C144 Undetermined
263 Schoolfield, H. M. Roane C112 Undetermined
264 Terry, John Hamilton C255 Undetermined
265 Thomas, Add Maury C267 Undetermined
266 Wood, M. E. Hamilton C222 Undetermined
267 Woods, John Lewis C264 Undetermined
268 Mathis, Dall Haywood C159 Undetermined -
269 Hailey, Albert Davidson C56 UNIT: 44th Inf.


Tennessee Blazes Trail

Jefferson Davis delegated the appointment of chaplains to Confederate States Army field commanders. The first noted African-American "honorary" chaplain of the Confederate States Army was Louis Napoleon Nelson who was appointed by the 7th Tennessee Cavalry field officers during The Battle of Shiloh (April 1862).  Based on this date, Louis Napoleon Nelson was the first African-American chaplain to serve during the American Civil War.

In September 1863, Henry McNeal Turner, pastor of Israel AME Church (Washington D.C.) became the first Union African-American chaplain of the First (1st) United States Colored Troops (USCT).

The account of Louis Napoleon Nelson's appoint as chaplain is documented in the Religious Herald (September 10, 1863) which is available on microfiche.  The article reads:

"To the Confederate army goes the distinction of having the first black to minister to white troops: 'A correspondent of the SOLDIER'S FRIEND mentions a Tennessee regiment which has no chaplain; but an old negro, 'Uncle Lewis,'' preaches two or three times a week at night. He is heard with respectful attention -- and for earnestness, zeal and sincerity, can be surpassed by none. Two or three revivals have followed his preaching in the regiment. What will the wise Christian patriots out of the army, who denounce those who wish to see competent negroes allowed to preach, as tainted with anti-slaveryism, say with regard to the true Southern feeling of that regiment, which has fought unflinchingly from Shiloh to Murfreesboro?'"


Reading List by Author


Title: Nathan Bedford Forrest's Escort and Staff
Author: Michael R. Bradley
Genre: Nonfiction
Publication Date: 2006
Media: Hardback
Description:  The exploits of Forrest's Escort are detailed, followed by the previously unpublished minutes of the association formed by the bodyguard and staff of Forrest.
Black Confederate Context: Beginning on page 215, readers find out more about the forty-five (45) African-Americans in General Nathan Bedford Forrest's wagon trail.

Title: Nathan Bedford Forrest: Southern Hero, American Patriot
Author: Lochlainn Seabrook
Genre: Nonfiction
Publication Date: 2009
Media: Paperback
Description:  Lavishly illustrated, "Nathan Bedford Forrest" includes a detailed bibliography and an index.
Black Confederate Context:  General Forrest enlisted forty-five African-Americans in his own command (six who served as his personal armed guard), then emancipated them in the fall of 1863.

Title: In Search of Your Confederate Ancestors
Author: J.H. Segars
Genre: Nonfiction
Publication Date: 2008
Media: Paperback
Description:  This easy-to-use guide is essential to researchers and genealogists pursuing ancestral histories within the Confederate military.
Black Confederate Context:  The book includes an account of "Uncle" Jerry Perkins, a body servant of Charles Perkins (31st Tennessee Infantry).

News Flash


Lionel Richie,  Great Grandson of
John Louis Brown, Body Servant of Morgan W. Brown

Photo Courtesy of  TV Guide UK

During the March 4, 2011 Season 3 Episode 5 of NBC's Who Do You Think You Are?: Lionel Richie, Mr. Richie uncovers that his great-grandfather John Louis Brown was the Body Servant of Morgan W. Brown of the 20th Tennessee Infantry (Confederate States Army).  The evidence presented was Tennessee Confederate Pension Record C186.  (See Confederate Pension Section above.)  When Mr. Richie asked the historian in the episode if his great-grandfather was a soldier, the historian simply replied that "he was a servant."  Blacks who served/served with the Confederate States Army made significant contributions to United States Military History.  Thus, body servants such as John Louis Brown have earned their rightful place in United States Military History.


Social Media

Documentary Featuring Nelson W. Winbush, Grandson of
Louis Napoleon Nelson, A Confederate Chaplain with the 7th Tennessee Cavalry

Video:  Behind The Dixie Stars
Speaker:  Nelson W. Winbush
YouTube Channel:  Aaron Jerome Martin
Date:  02/15/2010

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